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Core Values

Aerial View of Kents Hill School in Fall

Building Leaders

We live by ten words that together represent Leadership: Altruism, Compassion, Courage, Friendship, Honesty, Perseverance, Responsibility, Scholarship, Sportsmanship, and Tolerance.


Committed to the individual and the potential that lies within, Kents Hill School challenges students to grow into engaged, creative learners, global stewards, and compassionate leaders.


  • At Kents Hill School we educate our students in mind, body, and character to:
  • Prepare for the challenges and opportunities of higher education;
  • Accept and respect themselves and others, and work together for the common good;
  • Be responsible stewards of our natural environment and Kents Hill School’s community heritage;
  • Embody the ideal that one person of principle can always make a difference.


  • To create a stimulating academic community where students become life-long learners;
  • To build each student’s confidence, leadership, and sense of self;
  • To promote athletic competition and sportsmanship;
  • To inspire creative expression and an appreciation for the arts;
  • To encourage the community to value diversity, to accept differences, and to embrace a global perspective.

About Us

Located in central Maine, Kents Hill School is an independent, coeducational boarding and day school grades 9-Postgraduate Year attracting 200 students from Maine, the United States, and around the world. Since 1824, Kents Hill has been dedicated to providing transformative experiences rooted in the power of community, character, and core values. 

Peter Hodgin teaching a class outdoors at Kents Hill School in Kents Hill, Maine
A huddle during a Kents Hill School soccer game

Kents Hill is a community that I am excited that my daughters are a part of because I know that they are surrounded by students who are inspired to reach their fullest potential, and by adults who are encouraging, supportive, and care deeply about them.

Christopher S. Cheney, Head of School

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