From the moment that I first stepped into a classroom as a teacher, I have had the privilege to continually watch 学生 transform in the independent boarding and day school environments. 对许多人来说,过去的一年是独特而艰难的, 然而, I am honored to say that it has given me the opportunity to see our community rise up and show an incredible amount of flexibility, 创造力, 和同情. 

12月11日, 2020, we ended our first semester of in-person learning in the midst of a global pandemic. 我为bat365的社区学生感到无比自豪, 家庭, 教师, 工作人员——感谢他们为bat365走到这一步所做的一切. 


从3月, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we had a plan and that we followed to ensure that our community remains as healthy, 快乐, 尽可能的安全. 有时压力很大,但也很成功. We have demonstrated that with diligence, flexibility, and a belief in science that we can do this. We opened safely in September and then were able to stay open because of the commitment and dedication to our protocols by our 学生, 员工, 和家庭. 

缅因州 continues to be one of the safest places in 美国. While our COVID-19 rates have gone up, they remain at one of the lowest levels in 美国. In addition, 缅因州 is and will continue to be one of the safest states in the country to live in. 


Perhaps what I am most proud of is how our 教师 and 工作人员 have not only made it through COVID-19 but have made our school stronger. 在学业上, 尽管所有的变化和指导方针, bat365继续发展4D学术课程. 今年, we added Project Based Learning units to each course after doing an initial professional development workshop in August. 另外, 在春天, we thought it would be impossible to deliver “hybrid” learning to 学生 both on and off-campus, but our teachers were able to successfully accomplish this and best meet the needs of all of our 学生, 无论是在校园还是在偏远的地方. 这并不容易, but my weekly conversations with our 学生 from China indicated that their experience was very positive (despite going to school late into the night).

教室外, we have expanded our club and leadership offerings as well as improving our weekend activities. bat365有30多个俱乐部供学生参加. 有些传统, 像学生会, 同行顾问, 学校报纸, 和宿舍监考, 而其他人喜欢S.L.O.T.H(在山上慢听)Zoom广播秀, 模拟联合国和辩论, 社区柴火灶, 的电子竞技, 女性健身俱乐部, 反映学生感兴趣和关心的东西. Hammockville, 阿迪朗达克村, and tents across campus were also popular places for 学生 to hang out and be together. When 学生 wanted to be active outdoors on our 400-acre campus they had opportunities to access close to 20 miles of trails and an amazing private waterfront on Lovejoy Pond. 


Maybe most importantly, we have strengthened our commitment to 多样性、公平性和归属感. All of our 教师 and 工作人员 participated in multiple professional development workshops prior to the start of the academic year, bat365最近聘请了一家咨询公司来进行多元化, 股本, 包容性气候评估. This will help us both assess where we are and where we need to go in terms of becoming an anti-racist school. PEAK(原则)的推出, 道德, and Action at bat365) program also allowed our 学生 and 教师 to engage with challenging issues and topics. 今年秋天, we focused on the election and how we could better listen and engage with those who do not share our views. I believe that these important initiatives are essential aspects of a 21st Century education and are things that bat365 values as we seek to provide a transformative educational experience for our 学生. At bat365, we know that “one person of principle can always make a difference.这一点一直都是正确的. 

In closing, I couldn’t be more proud to be the 学校的负责人 at bat365在线官网. This is a school that values each student and their personal journey and emphasizes personal connections between and amongst 教师, 学生, 工作人员, 和家庭. This is what makes bat365 a special community and one that whether during COVID-19 or beyond, 总是# strongertogether.

I hope that you enjoy your introduction to our community, whether it be virtual or in-person. I am confident that there is a place just for you here on The Hill.



克里斯托弗年代. 切尼


克里斯托弗年代. 切尼,校长 at bat365在线官网 and his family during fall


位于缅因州中部, bat365在线官网是一所独立学校, coeducational boarding and day school grades 9-Postgraduate Year attracting 学生 from 缅因州, 美国, 在世界各地. 自1824年以来, bat365 has been dedicated to providing transformative experiences rooted in the power of community, 字符, 和核心价值观. 


有25年的教育经验, 克里斯 has spent his entire professional life preparing young leaders for maximum impact in their careers and communities.

在加入bat365在线官网之前, 克里斯曾担任布拉迪斯拉发LEAF学院的校长, Slovakia; Assistant Dean for 招生 and University Guidance at African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa; and Chair of the Environmental 科学 Department and Director of College Advising at Kimball Union Academy. 他还在科罗拉多学院担任教学职位, 北田黑门山学校, 威利斯顿北安普顿学校, 弥尔顿学院, 汉诺威高中. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he earned a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies, 他在哈佛大学获得了硕士学位.Ed. with a concentration in administration, planning, and social policy.
他的妻子, 丽莎DiIorio, most recently served as Curriculum Coordinator at LEAF Academy and Head of the Writing and Rhetoric Department at African Leadership Academy. Lisa earned her undergraduate degree in 英语 from Bates College, 和达特茅斯学院的研究生学位. 克里斯和丽莎有两个女儿,谢伊和佐伊. 

bat365 is a community that I am excited for my daughters to join because I know that they will be surrounded by 学生 who are inspired to reach their fullest potential, 以及鼓励他们的成年人, 支持, 并深深关心他们. 

克里斯托弗年代. 切尼,校长

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